Know Thy Garbage

Some zero waste movement are quick to tell you to buy this, buy that to go zero waste. Overwhelming, the biggest impacts on our earth we can do is just by buying less and buying differently; investing our dollars into wasteless products and plastic-free products.  The Zero Waste Chef has an awesome resource to go zero waste in 31 days, and it starts with someone I’ve been trying to do lately; understanding your waste. I’ve started taking pictures of my weekly garbage and recycling production to better understand what I need to find zero waste swaps for. The only way to make a true impact on waste reduction is by reducing your waste, not the waste of someone else’s (like, why buy a metal straw if you never buy drinks with straws?)


My three problem areas are

  • food waste
  • Kleenexes
  • Product packaging

In 2019, I want to continue to find the swaps that work best for me, and I’ve already started with cloth napkins and handkerchiefs to reduce my kleenex use. When I moved into my new place I didn’t buy any paper towel, so its really forced me to get on board with cloth napkins and rags for cleaning. I eat a lot of produce, so other then making stock and composting, its not a top priority for me during midwifery school (maybe one day I’ll be a Cool Mom who makes candied orange peels, but right now all I can do is throw them into vinegar every so often).  Lastly, my product packaging has made me think the most about possible zero waste swaps and over the last month has provided some good insight to changes for March

In March, I plan to

  • Buy bulk popcorn kernels as I didn’t realize how much I liked popcorn
  • Start using bar soap like dish soap, as recommended by Julia 
  • Bulk buy food I used up in plastic (rice, dried mango
  • Start carrying around take out container consistently (its really a hit or miss but I want to make it work.


How are you going to reduce your waste this month?

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